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Elem. Sunday School Curricula ideas?

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I am teaching first grade Sunday School this fall and am not happy with the curriculum. I have a big, boisterous group (10-16 kids each week -- very blessed!) and the activities in the current curriculum are disjointed and/or not appropriate for the size or age of the class.


I would like to meet with the Children's Ministry director to share my concerns and recommend another curriculum to consider for the future. The church obviously spent a lot of money on this "kit" for each grade level, yet I've heard other teachers mention concerns as well. Rather than just complain, I'd prefer to be proactive and find something that will be a better fit.


So....if anyone has any suggestions for curricula to research, I would appreciate it. We are a reformed (Presbyterian) but not a super-dogmatic church. Bible, Jesus, essential truths are what matter to me.




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When I selected the curriculum at my previous church we used generations of grace and ipreally enjoyed it. There were activities but not so many that the class was entirely play time. The curriculum covers the Bible over a three year period of time. It is coming from a reformed relatively conservative perspective. I think the kids appreciated that it wasn't totally dumbed down.



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Check out Godly Play.

It's lovely, and the children are free to respond to the lesson thru art, recreating the lesson, dramatic play, etc.

If you have any wood workers in your congregation, they should be able to make some of the items.

It does take some training, but it's WONDERFUL.


If I had to start with a basic set, it'd have:

the parable boxes (you can make these with felt)

a box of people

creation cards

a desert box (you can use a large bin)

the 10 Best Ways

mystery of Easter


Good shepherd and world communion, if it fits your theology


Add in things as you go.You need a 1ft or so section of big chain, a paper mache mountain...really pretty easy.

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