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What's up with the arbitrary prices?

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Weird day today. I ran into what seems to be arbitrary rules/prices/policies at two different places. One of them was Office Max.



We don't have a scanner and only have the need for one occasionally. So, we've gone to Office Max three times in the past year or so for scanning.


The first time, I was charged $0.25 a page for the scan.


The second time, I was surprised to be charged $0.25 plus a separate fee to have the scan saved to my thumb drive. I questioned that charge because there's no point in paying to have something scanned if you are not allowed to take the scan with you. The girl gave me a new charge slip for the register without the charge for saving the scan and told me not to tell her boss.


Today, I was charged $3.99 to scan a single, one-sided, 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper. When I questioned the charge, I was told that was the price for a "flatbed scan." I questioned that because I has previously been told it was something like $1 for items that couldn't go through the feed tray and something like 20 cents for regular items. She pulls out a three page price list and explains how there are so many items that no one can remember all of the prices. She guessed that she charged me for the flatbed scanning price because she lifted the lid on the copier to do the scan rather than placing the sheet in the feed tray. She refunded my money and charged me the right price.


I now have the correct prices written down so I can inform the employees of the proper prices. And right on the price list, I noticed a note saying that all prices included the scan being saved to CD or customer-supplied media. So, there was no reason for employee #2 to be afraid of her boss finding out she didn't charge me for saving the file.

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I used to use Office Max for my copy services because their price was the best around. It seems like they just throw employees into the mix without any real training. They often seemed lost and didn't really know what to do.


I feel for you, it gets frustrating when you are expecting one thing, and get charged another.

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