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Life of fred fractions help...


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I believe those skills are used repeatedly in LoF Fractions, and again in Decimals and Percents, and again in the PreAlgebra books.


Have no fear.


If your student still needs extra practice or simply a point of view different from Fred from time to time, try Khan Academy-- it's free, and provides both video instruction if needed and a source of never-ending practice problems online.


The kids love it-- they can earn badges, watch a video explanation of the concept if they need it, get a hint to see how the problem is solved, and see how different concepts are related to each other in a "map" of sorts.




But really-- Fred will continually reinforce those skills.

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Just seconding Jen's comment - DD is finishing Fractions, and I'm going through PreAlgebra 1, and there is plenty of ongoing practice with all the skills - particularly division & geometry concepts, in both of these books. Fred is definitely not a curriculum that just focuses on one thing - everything previously learned is constantly reinforced and introduced into new Fred-situations. The whole "spiral vs. mastery" thing is not even relevant with a program like Fred, but it does have lots and lots of revisitng of previously learned concepts.


If you feel she needs continuing practice on a specific skill, you could try the Key to series, or the Math Mammoth dark blue series, or the free worksheet downloads on the Math mammoth site, for occaisional practice. I've read a lot of posters here who say they use the Key to books along with Fred at this stage. I've not used them myself. We are doing Math Mammoth daily and Fred once or twice a week, and I love the combination and the reinforcement we get from each - they are coming at the same skills and concepts so very differently.

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