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Where do you recommend for 10yr old boys' socks, shoe size 4.5, that hold up well?

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Now that he is out of Gymboree sizes, I have no idea where to get good socks! He wears shoe size 4 1/2 (almost 10 yrs old). I hate socks that get pilly or get holes easily. This would be for a colored sock (navy, brown, gray, black, olive) to go with jeans or corduroys (he dresses well-like a Gymboree type style.)


My other beef is that they seem to make boys' socks size as Large being shoe size 3 ALL THE WAY to shoe size 9 in ONE size!!! So that size of socks are always huge for him with a size 4.5 shoe!!! The heel of the sock is hanging out the top of the heel of the shoe! But then the smaller size is too small. Other people must be having this same problem, and what do you do about it?


I'll take any and all recommendations for good socks-thanks!

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I have been super impressed with black Joe Boxer socks from Kmart for my son. He was really hard on his thin toddler socks and has big feet for his age, so I bought "big boy" ones as soon as he was wearing a large enough size. The ones I got are pretty thick/cushy and are ankle height, but I know I saw longer ones that were the same type. We've had no pilling or holes after many months of wear.

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The Aero socks (Gold Toe makes them, I think) at Target have worked well here. DS1 is a size 4 shoe size, and he wears the three-line Aero socks (the different sizes have lines, so one-line is the smallest and three-line is the largest). They seem to have held up pretty well. I found these when socks from Walmart in his shoe size were just too bulky (mostly too wide).


Having 3 boys, the lines on the toes are sooooo helpful for me on laundry day. I can tell whose socks are whose! My older two boys are close in shoe size, so it really is hard to tell at a glance which socks are which without some marking on the toe.

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