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Pasta and other salad recipes.

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DH has requested a pasta type salad with tuna and eggs in it for dinner tonight, with carrots and celery and "whatever" :lol:


I know I could just dump it all in and add some typical mayo and pickle relish type dressing, or ranch. But that isn't healthy at all, and I'm trying to watch my dairy! How would you finish this off?


I have been really sick all week, and the antibiotics I am on are making me very queasy and I started salivating looking at Allrecipes :D (not salivating in a good way)


We are also trying to send him to work with healthy lunches and he likes the idea of hearty salads with meat in them, like the ones in mason jars.


Do you guys have any favorites? It needs to be able to be assembled the night before, dressing could be put on later. If I just put a bunch of options in the fridge he won't do it...needs to be grab and go!

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For that kind of salad, I would just mix up whatever I had as far as vegetables along with the noodles and tuna and eggs. I'd put a little mayo, dijon mustard and apple cider vinegar or lemon juice to make the sauce go a little further.


You can do pasta salads with flax oil and apple cider vinegar dressing to make it a little healthier than the mayo versions.


I'm all for wrapping stuff in big lettuce or chard leaves, too. I wrap chicken salad, tuna salad, or hummus and veggies in big leaves and they are easily packed in a plastic container.

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