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Need on the go meal ideas for ds 13

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Our teens do musical theater and this is show week, meaning we're not home most of the time. Usually ds survives on pb and j sandwiches plus sides but this show includes some cast members who have peanut allergies and we're not allowed to send peanut butter. The kids have to eat in the green room...very tight quarters considering there are more than 100 cast members.

He doesn't eat lunch meat or cheese sandwiches. I need something filling because it's hours of dancing, singing, etc.....he gets HUNGRY.

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday we leave home at 3:30 and arrive back at 10:30.

Thursday and Friday we leave at 6:30 AM and arrive back home at 10:30 or so.

Saturday and Sunday are covered...they arrange meals for the kids on those days and allow them to eat pizza in the green room.

His sister eats like a bird and she doesn't eat peanut butter so she's covered. His choices have included pb sandwiches, Snickers bars, pb crackers...you get the idea. He eats plenty of fruit during this week but it's just not enough to hold him.

No fast food...there is no specific break...the kids just eat when they have downtime.

I know there is a simple solution...what is it???

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My kids love wraps. If your ds can't eat lunch meats you can make them with grilled chicken, bacon, real turkey breast or even taco meat. We add ranch or Cesar dressing, parmesan, swiss or cheddar cheese and lettuce. Wrap them in foil and cut them in half so they are easier to eat.


I would add a couple of protein snacks. If he can't take nuts you could try cheese sticks, bagels with cream cheese, individual yogurts, cheese stuffed celery, protein bars or individual containers of milk/choc milk. Add some high fiber snacks too like apple slices, carrots sticks, whole grain crackers.


Sounds like a fun week for your kids.


Have fun!

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Wraps are a good idea and I'll try that. I think that will work if I wrap each half of wrap separately. They eat on the go and he probably wouldn't eat a whole one at once.

Do you think I can make a beefed up pasta salad and use it over the course of several days? I have one that includes chunks of rotisserie chicken, cubed cheese, tomatoes, avocado, etc. but I'd need to make it and have it in single serving containers to take. I haven't ever had this leftover so I don't know if it'll taste good later...but the kids like it and it's kind of a meal in a cup.

We have plenty of fruit, veggies, and cheese sticks but the vocal director bans milk from the green room. My kids don't sing well enough to have milk make a difference.g

Thanks for the ideas!

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