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Have a Desk Apprentice that you hate, would gladly sell, and ship? Rant ahead...

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The website and the manager say that they will do free shipping to the store. Which wouldn't be so bad. Except that I know if I just bought it at the store, without having to pay for it online first, that I would pay almost $20 less! DH is absolutely against paying almost twice the amount just to get it shipped to the store - and probably from the same warehouse it would be coming from if they were just stocking it as normally. And, I can't say that I disagree. I need three of them. I really just can't afford to pay more than what they are selling for at the store (when in stock) at the normal $25.99 price.


I'd contact Staples at their 800 number or do a live chat. Maybe they can discount the online price for you?

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I don't have one, sorry! But would they do free shipping to the store?


So many stores are doing this now. Last weekend I bought 2 pairs of pants at Express, but they didn't have petite length. The sales clerk checked online, found them, i paid for them and they shipped them to me for free.


Same thing happened at Christopher & Banks. I'd definitely ask Staples about it!

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