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Educate me: What is the purpose of cutting apart workbooks or other books?

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Okay, so here's the thread that was discussing this:




This can make copying easier.


I was also reminded of my dd; the workbooks I have, had perforations so you can pull out the pages. I do this if I can for my 9yodd who is left handed. It messes with her writing and is uncomfortable for her to write while her hand is resting on the binding.

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I believe Jessica assembles a file folder of work for each week day for her daughter. Cutting the book apart would give her the ability to select a single worksheet for each folder.


Having the book hole-punched would allow her to store the unused pages, and to file the finished work in binders.

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I'll take a stab in the dark here. It could be for the purpose of re-binding them in a spiral binding, or placing them in sheet protectors and using a three-ring binder. Other than that, I can't imagine why.


We do it for ease of filing, either in a binder or in a file folder for our state reporting.

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Different reasons for different books. For ex, I'm tearing up my SOTW AGs so that I don't have to carry around my student pages. We hs out a lot, & carrying that thing w/ the stu pgs is HEAVY.


It's also great for organization. While I do stick a bookmark in the appropriate pg in the AG, for ex, it always falls out & gets reappropriated by one of the dc. W/ a binder, I can just use a divider & move it fwd as nec.


I also tore apt my copy of Slow & Steady recently. I bought this when ds7 was little & have barely used it. Every time I open it, I find some good ideas, but I can never keep up w/ where we are in it. (Not that that actually matters a huge deal.)


Anyway, w/ newbie coming, I decided I'd get 2 dividers & put dd1's name on one & newbie's on the other & be able to move them fwd as nec so I can keep track of where they are. Because, really, I don't know how many weeks into ea yr of their age my dc are! :lol:


I also tore apt my Saxon wkbk a couple of yrs ago bcs the pgs were attached vertically in the book instead of horizontally, & it was just too hard to flip thr to find a ws when it was in the middle of a stack of books. Kwim?


Finally, there's reorganization. Say something like S&S is organized by age, 0-5yrs, but you'd really like to see the activities laid out by skill. Numbers, counting, etc. in one section, pre-reading in another, art, etc. Or if you're combining wkbks, taking what you like from several sources.


Can you tell I like to tear up wkbks? And books, for that matter.

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I'm creating quarter notebooks, the year's work divided between 4 binders for mobility purposes and accountability to stay on track for the year. I have more workbooks this year and it's been a pain storing each individual workbook (they wear down over the course of the year) plus the hassle of lugging them wherever we go if we do GO somewhere (like visiting family or maybe just outside in the backyard).


It also helps with writing, having a flat worksheet than in a workbook that won't open flat and it helps keep my dd8 on course with the day's work instead of flipping ahead. I do pull work from the quarter binder and place the week's work into daily folders that we have on the wall. Dd8 can pull Monday's folder and have all the work she needs to do for the day.


It just works for us. I did have ds4's preschool workbooks cut too, I'm putting these into manila folders b/c one was cut wrong, otherwise I would have 3 hole punched it and put it in its own binder with tabs for each quarter as well.



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