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Obligated to post another brag....

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Well, last weekend I posted about Ds's wins with his dog at an agility trial. I suppose it isn't fair to Dd (10) if I don't post her successes with her dog.


We were disappointed at today's dog show, that she had no competition in the Novice Junior ring (lowest level of Junior Showmanship). Of course she got a first place ribbon--but it doesn't count for her to move up to the next level b/c she did not have competition.


She went back in the ring with all the winners for the judge to choose Best Junior handler. Her friend (who is 14 and has enough Best Junior wins to qualify for Westminster) was also in the ring with Dd for the first time. The judge picked Dd as Best Junior. The judge said she picked her b/c all of the other handlers made some mistakes and Dd did not. All the kids were congratulating her and telling her that it never happens for a novice handler to win. She had her first winner photo taken with the judge and she is just over the moon right now. She feels a little guilty that she won instead of her friend, but I'm pretty sure she was just happy for Dd.


I was so shocked I didn't even get pictures! Someday these kids are going to owe me big time because I get sooo nervous for them I am a wreck at these shows and exhausted afterward. Time for me to veg out for a while with the cat (who does her own grooming and is nice and calm and quiet and never asks me to take her anywhere).

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Thank you both. I just have to add, I told Dd I'd buy her the $38 braided leash she had her eye on if she ever won Best Junior b/c I knew there was no chance until she got out of novice level. Guess what I had to buy today? No more promises. :lol:

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