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Drop biscuit recipe that doesn't use milk?

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Is there a good recipe for drop biscuits that doesn't use milk but water instead?

I've been baking biscuits more to make our food go further (or at least seem to) but the recipe calls for milk. We have to use a certain kind of milk for DSs and it can be expensive. I'd like to keep baking biscuits but don't want to have to buy extra milk if I can avoid it.

Any suggestions?

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I would be tempted to just try making the recipe you usually use with water instead of milk- start with a little less though and see what it does. My standard sandwich bread calls for 1 cup of milk, and last winter I was out of milk and needed to make bread. I used all water instead of milk. It still came out fine. If anything, it lost a bit of richness, and I continue to make it with milk, but if I were ever out, I wouldn't hesitate to use water.

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Here's a no-milk biscuit recipe:



It's for roll-out biscuits so you will need to increase the water to one cup for drop biscuits. As long as your recipe uses baking powder and not baking soda you should be able to leave out the milk. It may affect the richness, but it shouldn't affect rising. If the recipe uses baking powder, you will need milk in it (usually butter milk or sour milk) for the proper chemical reaction, if I remember correctly.

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Water works just fine for biscuits - this is a case where you are using it for liquid content, not flavor.


I also make excellent no-dairy biscuits using EVOO or vegetable oil instead of butter. You just have to reduce the water (add it in a little at a time until the consistency is right).

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