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Silly question that's been asked before, but what does everyone's Avatar mean?

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mine represents my love for the Boss and and something I can enjoy looking at every time I post! :lol:


and of course, for the pleasure of others here too ;)


This way, if you don't like what I have to say, I will have still contributed to the thread in a positive way! :D



:lol: :hurray: :thumbup: funny funny.. Now thats good stuff!

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Cappyboppy is a chiguirre (the Venezuelan word for a capybara). My board name comes from a grad school running joke. I asked a friend what a chiguirre was and my classmates couldn't believe that I didn't know. It was sort of like asking what an armadillo is in Texas.

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I wish I knew who told you that you are ugly. I'd drive to where they are and kick them in the shins, both shins, with my pointy-toed Sunday shoes. Shame on them. You should never have been led to believe such nonsense. I'm sorry whoever it was passed their own pain on to you for you to bear.


And you mustn't even THINK such things around your girls. They look just like you, and they are beautiful. Just beautiful. I don't know how in the world you can see yourself reflected in those faces and say the things you say about yourself. It boggles the mind.


[Off to put on my pointy-toed shoes...]


::handing Pam my whip to use also.....::


I hafta agree kelli-- even just the few parts we can see look very sweet and gentle. i mean, you're DEPRIVING us of such a total view of sweetness! and some of us could use a bit more ;)


i mean, if some guy's b#tt can contribute something positive, certainly a face can do so much more! [no offense to jumping in puddles, lol]


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