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I think so. I'm currently going through it a second time with my younger child. We do a lot of the projects because he likes projects, but I admit I have to put a lot of them together because he can't. So I can imagine a 6th grader getting even more out of it if he is into that sort of thing. The questions, narrations, etc. I believe are sufficiently challenging. You can always add in more challenging reading. Maybe even take some of the projects and have him explore more into them. For example, the other day we made a double sided ax. I should say "I" made it. It was too hard for DS 7 to make it. I could imagine maybe reading more about the weaponry of the time, for example.


My 10 year old has gone through volume 1-3 and is now working on 4. He asked if when we are done we could go through all four again. I'm not sure yet if we will do that, but I do think it would be ok to do so with some adjustments. I myself have learned more from SOTW history wise than in all of my years in school.


:iagree: And I went to good schools. I don't understand how SOTW could not be used for the upper grades. I found the writing engaging and learned much as an adult. I can't imagine my children won't be able to then.


That said, I will have my ds do SOTW 1 in 6th with dd as she's getting it for the first time in 2nd grade. However, he will also have K12 Human Odyssey to read from and perhaps some of the Dorothy Mills books.


I agree with the others that the activities could be done almost independently by then (even the cooking ones!), and the crossword puzzles and the like would be stimulating as well. I know several older children (6th grade and up) who still like coloring. They could also illustrate their own picture. Definitely add a timeline at that age. It will put everything into perspective. Discuss the bigger issues.

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