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Need Advice on 8 yo daughter?

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My daughter is 8 and in 3rd grade. She has noticed that other peers from public school are writing in sentences and are able to write/spell lots of words. She asked me why she wasn't able to do either of these?


This statement from her has hit me hard. I feel as though I may not be doing all I need to? Do I need to do more, switch curriculum, push her harder? I am at a loss.


She is currently reading at a 2nd/3rd grade reading level. She is working with Explode the Code, Rod and Staff English 3, and can spell somethings on her own. If she needs help spelling anything, I help her.


Any advice would be wonderful? Are there any things you would recommend?

Podcasts to listen to?

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I don't know anything about Rod and Staff..... so can't comment there. But my son is writing well with Writing With Ease, now doing dictation in level 2. He is writing on his own too. My daughter is getting there with copywork in WWE1. She is writing little notes to use now. We use All About Spelling, and both of them are doing really well with remembering the rules and applying them. Every child is different though.


We also like Winning with Writing, as it gets my son writing stories and poetry and teaches him how to write at the end of level 1. We will do level 2, then go back to WWE3 only.

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It sounds like she is finding a source of self motivation -- that's great. You might respond by framing it for her in a way that takes the focus off her peers and saying something like, "I understand what you told me, that you'd love to become a better writer! I'm so proud of you for finding out that you want to work hard on that skill. I'll work with you."


As for what that looks like, I'm not sure. Maybe spending more time on your chosen curric? Maybe more reading? Maybe new curric? Allowing 'kid spelling' (a first draft) to boost her composition confidence? A personal 'dictionary' where you write out words that she needs help with for later reference?


(Do you spell aloud to her when she asks, or do you write the word for her to copy? I've heard that spelling aloud tends to be less effective -- a 'just write the letters as you hear them' process rather than a 'see word, read word, write word' process.)

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I would expect a 3rd grader to be able to write good senteneces with 3rd grade vocabulary, and those words spelled correctly.


I'd be working towards paragraphs, building with *good* topic sentences and introducing supporting sentences.


I'd tie it all to whatever we were reading, which would correspond with what we are studying in history.

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