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Kindle Paperwhite?

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I killed my old 3rd gen Keyboard Kindle today. :sad:


To replace it, I am looking at the basic e-ink kindle (the $69 version, no keyboard) or ... the paperwhite ($119).


Anyone here have the Kindle Paperwhite? Pros/cons? Do you like it? Do you like it better than the old versions?


I don't want the Fire, I don't use it for websurfing or apps. I use the iPad for that. The kindle is only for reading, no pictures - color is not an issue for me. I don't even use audiobooks. I'm really only looking for a reading device here. I like e-ink. :) I don't like anything backlit, so reading with the kindle app on the ipad is never optimal for me.


But... The paperwhite is tempting, as it looks as though they have the lighting so that it doesn't appear to be backlit (light bouncing into one's eyes, like watching TV), and I like the increased contrast. Thinking that might be easier on my eyes, which are showing signs of, a-hem, being just over 40. DH is thinking it's the way to go, because I might not leave the light on reading all night!


Any thoughts?

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It looks like a perfect option for us, I was thinking the kids would like to use it. I've been watching the reviews on amazon (they are love and hate right now it seems) and I'm interested to hear what you all think when you receive yours.


To those of you who have one on the way...please post a mini review once you have used it a bit. I'm very curious, the price is right, and the holidays are near. :D

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You can get lots of info about Kindles here -- KindleBoards. I know there have been quite a few complaints about the Paperwhite posted there, but I really haven't paid much attention to the specifics. I have a fourth generation Kindle (the $69 version) and the cover with a built-in light. I really like it so much that I haven't been the least bit tempted by the Paperwhite.

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