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SOTW 3 and Orthodox history?

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Anyone know of a list of tying SOTW 3 with Orthodox history?


I had great resources for the first two books but not so much with this one.

i had a list but my computer seems to have eaten it.


Particular saints, events, dates, books etc?


The only thing in my head is St. Herman.


Before I was Orthodox I thought I knew my stuff;)


It is so fascinating learning history again with a new sort of "outside" perspective.



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That's the time frame (approx.) of The Age Of Captivity section of the Ages of Grace curriculum, which several people are doing, so there are some book lists there for this period.


You could use FB like I do -- don't friend anyone, just use it for groups like this. I don't do any status updates, and have no friends to read about, so just go right to the groups like this Ages of Grace one to get what I need and to answer questions specific to it. Just a thought.


Hello, by the way! Not sure if we've met. I'm Juliana. There's an Orthodoxy social group here if you haven't already found it: http://www.welltrainedmind.com/forums/group.php?groupid=112

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So, in our home for history and this time period, I decided to embark on a study of Russia both secular and Christian Russia. You could add one or more of these to your SOTW 3 to fill in the Orthodox history that may be lacking in SOTW (I don't know if it is or if it isn't, I haven't read it.)


Here are the resources we are using for this:


A Short History of Russia by Mary Platt Parmele

Old Peters Russian Tales by Ransome (these are Russian Fairy Tales)

Icons: Masterpieces of Russian Art by Oolga Polyakova (this is for art & icon study)

Saints of Russia by Constantin De Grunwald (Orthodox history via the major Saints)

New Frontiers (Orthodox History from the birth of the Slavic Christians to today - you could just use this one book if you didn't want to go into too much depth with Russia.)

The Kiev Caves Paterikon by Bishop Varlaam Novakshonoff (Saints of the Kiev Caves)

God's Fools by Bishop Varlaam Novakshonoff (Saints)


We are also studying Russian composers and I have some literature selections for 8th grade that tie in to this time period and a few take place in Russia, if you are interested in either music or literature selections, let me know. :D

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Along the same lines, do you all know of any resources for SOTW2? We're just getting started but I would like to try to tie it in somehow.


I will definitely check out that Facebook group.


We did that TP last year. I have a bunch of resources for that too. If you PM me your regular e-mail address, I would be happy to send you in attachment form my Booklist and Weekly Schedule. I format it in Sonlight style with boxes for each day along the top and resources listed down the left, with specific pages to read for each day.

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I did find this




which will work for a supplement to the SOTW 3 and 4


I like your idea Jennifer of focusing on some more Russian history music etc...I got none of that in school.


Im trying to find the energy to make up a list for the era -I will post it if i get around to it ;)

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I have a list of saints who lived during the renaissance/reformation years (+/-) that are in the Prologue of Ohrid if anyone is interested. They are listed chronologically on my sheet, and then you can go and find them on whichever date in the Prologue (the date is listed). Email me at nwjuliana -at- yahoo -dot- com for it.

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