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Savannah, GA?

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Savannah is on our radar for a possible move at the moment. Anyone here from or live in that area? If so, please tell me about it. I've been through Savannah, but I've not stayed for any period of time.


How's the cost of living, community college, homeschool friendliness, etc? Are there areas to avoid while looking for housing?


Nothing's a done deal - yet. I'd rather be prepared than not.

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YES! We've lived here for 2-1/2 years and love it. Cost of living is great (very easy to find 3 bed/2 bath houses under $200K). The one down side is there is definitely a higher level of small-time crime than we had in Portland, OR. We've been broken into 3 times (but for some reason they didn't want our clothes, books, or dishes; I don't think they were happy thieves). At the same time, I never feel nervous walking around our neighborhood at night.


GA is very homeschool friendly (easy requirements), and there are a few homeschooling groups in the Savannah area. Many more opportunities than we could possibly take advantage of.


If you do a search for "Savannah crime maps" you can definitely see the areas to avoid. Generally, the further south you go, the lower the crime.


It's a lovely place to live, and the people are very warm and friendly. The beach is close. North GA has beautiful mountains (5 hours away - wish that were closer!). We have several nice parks, and a really nice state park. Lots of great historical sites, museums, outdoor activities (except for when we hibernate in the summer because it's just so grossly hot).


Feel free to ask lots more questions if you have them, on our off list. :) Savannah gets twelve thumbs up from us! :)

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