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Anyone feel the earthquake in Maine tonight?

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I can't get over it! At first I thought a plane was crashing near me or something...I don't remember ever feeling an earthquake before in my entire life.


I've felt a couple of others, all here in MA.


When I was taking my Driver Ed test, I felt something like a train going by, but it was an earthquake.


When I was in college (Western MA), I awoke one night and wanted to tell me roommate to stop shaking my bed, but she was over in her bed and sleepily demanded that whoever was shaking the doorknob should please stop!

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I told my husband to stop goofing off :blushing: I thought he was intentionally banging his heels on the floor while playing with the kids.


Not much of a rumble her in NH, but it did last longer than any of the other super-minor earthquakes that we have had.

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It was apparently a 4.6. No wonder you felt it! Apparently smaller quakes are easier to feel on the east coast because of the underlying bedrock.

My daughter was driving us up to the Manchester, NH area this morning, so I had a chance to look at the beautiful foliage and check on the progress of the I-93 road construction going on. I noticed a sign saying that they would be blasting between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. The road winds through granite-layered terrain. Probably a stupid question, but could the granite blasting done today cause a shift that may have triggered the earthquake in Maine?

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I'm in Maine, but we didn't feel it. We're located about as far east and north as you can get and still be in the USA. Our nearest neighbor is New Brunswick.


My husband was out goose hunting at 6 AM, lying on the ground under a blind. He didn't feel anything either.

Hey, you are somewhere close to me.


We didn't feel it either.

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