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Latin for Children


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We are only on Chapter 4 of LfC A, so take my answers for what they're worth... :)


I have the main text, the activity guide and the answer key. We have the DVD's (optional) and the History reader (which you start using around Ch 18). I also bought the poster, the bingo game, and the Christmas CD. I would not buy those again. The poster is very hard to use, as the pictures are quite ambiguous. The bingo game and CD are fine, but not necessary.


My DD is only just 8, so she needs the extra reinforcement that the activity guide provides. An older child, or one who hates word puzzles, etc., might not. I printed my own flash cards off of the CAP website, but the premade ones look great, and include the derivatives.


Hope this helps!


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We are using LFC-A. I bought the whole package, I believe. My kids enjoy the DVD lessons and the Chant CD. We keep the CD in the car and review portions of it everyday. It only takes a few minutes and I have a captive audience. I will definitely purchase these items for LFC-B when we get to it.


The kids don't love the Activity book, but they do it without complaint. I like it for the extra practice. Not certain if I will buy it for the next level.


We have the history reader and use it. It is small, but offers translation practice for a few dollars.


Of course, we have the student books and teacher's key. I don't love the layout of these books, but I deal with it. The kids never complain about the book.


I do assign time on Headventure Land every week. It is free extra practice on their website.


We also use GSWL. The lessons are short and easy to digest.

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Pretty much what the pp said. We have the main book, the history reader, the activity book, the answer key, the CD and the DVD. DD loves Headventure Land too. She doesn't so much love the DVD, but I think it will be helpful as the lessons get more complicated.

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We are doing LFC Primer B this year. I got the whole package but last year we did skip a bunch of the pages from the Activity Book and this year I am not using it at all. Dd is not a puzzle girl and really does not like crossword puzzles. In Primer B there are more worksheets so we are just not doing it. As for the History book we use that over the summer as a way to keep up with Latin.

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