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I need a recommendation for a good, hydrating lotion that DOESN'T smell *girly*.

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My sister just texted me that I should bring some lotion for dad tomorrow when I visit him, because his skin is SUPER dry, and the lotion they have at the hospital is junk (:glare:).


So where can I stop and what can I get that is a good, all-over lotion that does NOT smell girly.


Dad doesn't like to smell girly. :tongue_smilie:

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Nivea Extended Moisture is a good one, and should be available at most places {Target, WM, WG, etc}. I don't like most girly lotions either, but this just smells a lightly scented smell - kinda baby powder and floral but faint. The smell goes away pretty quick too.



And it's SUPER hydrating :D

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Ah! I had forgotten about the Vaseline 'for men' lotion. I'll stop by Target on the way to see dad tomorrow and either grab that or the Aveeno.


Thanks ladies.


And a special thanks to the super kind lady who saw this thread, pm'd me, and is sending me some of her homemade body butter for dad. What a blessing. So, so sweet. :)

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