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Teachers Lounge 10-16-2012

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Just another Manic . . . Tuesday? Well, not yet, but I am starting it behind, already! :tongue_smilie: Ballet really kicked by butt last night and this morning I had to make a desperation run to the grocery store: we were out of toilet paper! :001_huh:


So now I'm just getting to breakfast when I should be diving into my own homework/studying. Oi!


What's news with you? The kids and I decided, based on some speculation and some research, that we should go gluten free. I told them, though, that this would be a process. As much as I know we should do it "cold turkey", I just don't have the mental capacity or the time right now to do that. So little by little, and then by mid-November (which is only a few short weeks away! :001_huh:) I'll have two weeks off from my own class and have a little more time to concentrate on learning recipes and such.


Any extracurricular activities today? Daughter and I both have dance tonight. She has ballet (which I just remembered I'm teaching this week!) and I have tap, then Company Ballet. Son has AWANA. :auto:


Talk to me! :bigear:

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Well, today so far is a good day - I'm up and around! Managed to get a hold of my Dr.'s office and waiting for a call back now, and called the realtor to look at 4 more possible houses. We even managed a full day of school yesterday!


The news with us is mostly just moving and prepping for moving. I need to do a whole house clean during the day when I have light :D as the kitchen lights went out AGAIN {this is the 3rd time in 7 years we'll have had to replace the entire fixture}.


We don't really do any extracurriculars, but dd has plans to do a Brownie try-it today. Other than that I have a bunch of errands - bank run, thrift shop run, grocery run.



And I'll be :bigear: to see how going gluten free works for you, scrapbookbuzz. I've thought about it many times as I know I have issues with wheat / gluten, but with all our other allergies I just haven't felt that it was possible to eat a balanced diet for us. We're just allergic to too many of the alternatives used.

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Are you moving out of state or just across town?


Just across town. But with no drivers in the family, it really isn't much different that moving out of state. I'll be hiring help to get us moved.


We need to have everything packed up for a marathon moving day as soon as we find the new house.

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Good Morning.

I got up on time and have been doing everything right, but it is a busy day. I had an hour and half training class this morning about new and exciting upgrades to something I don't use. Can you hear my enthusiasm? I did make gf pumpkin oatmeal pancakes for youngest with the pumpkin leftover from yesterday's scones which were a big hit at the school tea party.


I have a meeting in 20 minutes then I just might be free to work and school until this afternoon. No extra anything right now. Next month, we'll start back judo again and then add Irish dance for my youngest after that. When she asked me for booty-pants and a sequined top to wear to dance class, dh and I realized it was time to look for a new studio. We knew it was going to happen but had tolerated the studio because the instructors were awesome and she loved it. The booty-pants for a 7yo were my breaking point. My teenage self would laugh at me now.

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Good Morning, Everyone!


We just finished our breakfast. I had scrambled eggs with onions, carrots and broccoli slaw cooked with it. I also had a corn tortilla with peanut butter. We had trouble making our morning green smoothie because we were out of frozen berries. We just made it with banana, an orange and kale but it came out as a green foamy orange juice. Not bad, but not our normal yummy smoothie.


Today ds and I have our dental exam and cleaning. Other than that, I'm doing tons of laundry and am hitting the medical bills and filing, both of which I hate with a passion. Ds is doing a chemistry intensive this week so we'll do that too.

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Just taking a break from my own studies at the moment. Still dragging. DD is on my case about sending her invoice for the one-time pool-area cleaning job she did last week.


frugalmama, part of the reason I want to move is I'm tired of being part of an HOA. Ugh.


Jean, can you send me that recipe for smoothies? sounds yummy!


I am worn out from dance last night. But I love it while I'm there!


May have to have one of dd's energy drinks this morning! (Don't worry, Jean, no sugar in there!)

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Just another Manic . . . Tuesday?


What's news with you?

Any extracurricular activities today?

Talk to me! :bigear:


Good luck going gluten-free!


I had a drs. appt (the yearly girly visit). All went well and my dr was impressed that I lost 8 pounds in less than 4 weeks. My bp was much, much lower now that I've started exercising 4+ times per week. The appointment (and the commute to and from it) took up much of the morning, so we didn't get as much schoolwork done as I would have liked.


DD5 just started complaining that her throat hurts -- ugh! DD15 has dance classes from 4-8pm this evening. I'm hoping to go a yoga class at church, if dh is home to watch the other kids.

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Jenn, hope your little one feels better soon! What dance does your dd15 take?


After my lunch, I'm taking a nap!


Thanks, Scrap! Praying that it's not the flu! I just dosed her up with Emergen-c and airborne and water.


My dd15 has danced for 10 years. She's currently taking ballet (2 classes), modern, jazz, pointe and a performance class. She dances at least 3 nights per week, (8 hours+ per week) plus performances. My youngest also dances (just ballet/tap), but she skipped class this afternoon since she's not feeling up to par.

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