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Yellowstone - reservations...

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Our family vacation this past summer was to Mesa Verde/Durango/Grand Canyon and it was such a wonderful trip. Everyone loved the National Park experience, so I was trying to plan out a Yellowstone vacation for next summer. I'm surprised to see that so much of it is already booked up. So - experienced Yellowstoners - how much does it matter where we stay? We wanted 2 nights in each of the Old Faithful Inn, Lake cabins, Roosevelt cabins, and Mammoth cabins. Not happening. Would you book whatever you could get or wait til the following summer?

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What's the cancellation policy?


Yosemite has a generous cancellation policy. Once we determined when we'd be in that area this summer, I booked whatever was available (two split days for a location we didn't prefer). I checked the booking website at least once a day, sometimes three times, and gradually booked and cancelled until we had the exact three nights we wanted at the exact location we wanted. It was a lot of work but well worth it :)


We haven't been to Yellowstone for several years but I do remember it being quite spread out. What did you want to do? Are you hikers? Wildlife spotters? Into the geology like we are? We actually has to stay outside the park in W. Yellowstone last time because I wasn't able to get a booking for a family of five. We did have some driving to do depending on the day but it really didn't bother us.

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