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NME Help Please

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My 2 eldest want to take the Nat'l Mythology Exam this year. DS11 has decided to take the subtest on Norse Mythology. I was excited because we have all the recommended books. However, I just realized that our "Book of Norse Myths" is the 1995 edition, not the 2005 edition as listed in the bibliography.


1) Are there significant differences between the two publication dates especially as regards topics/page numbers?


2) The bibliography states that the subtest questions will be drawn from pp. 137-154 (2005 ed). In the 1995 edition this covers the final 3 chapters of the book (Loki's Punishment, Ragnarokk, the Destinynof the Gods, & A New World) Is the 2005 ed different? If so, would someone mind letting me know the chapters/topics these pages cover?


3) Did anyone find the packets the ETC sells invaluable or would just studying the books & Roman v. Greek gods work well?


Thanks in advance!

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