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Opinions Wanted- Drop RS or Continue RSD+BA


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I am currently doing RSD + BA with my son. We've always enjoyed RS and it has worked well for both of us. However, since BA was coming out and I have thought AoPS would suite him well in the future I thought it would be nice to try. Well, now he is referring to BA as his fun math and would prefer just to do it full time.


I've got some concerns with just dropping RS completely due to the (1) iffy publication schedule of BA and also (2) I worry about facts practice. Right now we have fallen into a schedule of doing RS 2 days and BA 2-3 days. We usually do a double lesson of RS on the days we do it as the lessons have been over concepts that have been pretty easy to him, so we just do a bit of practice to work on speed and accuracy.


I'm considering going ahead and doing the mid-year test (we are at the quarter test point right now) and seeing what areas he might need more work on and then just concentrating on those areas. Or I could just drop the RS and if we end up ahead and waiting on BA we could go back RS during the time or work with Challenge Math during the interim. As it is we are just now on BA-3A as we didn't start until sometime in Sep, so that does give me some extra time. With our current pacing I don't forsee needing BA-3c until Feb-Mar, which will be in plenty of time.

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