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Running away from home

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with my kids. Off to enjoy the beautiful fall day at our hidey hole. Hoping the change of scenery will mean more school work done and less fighting particularily the 2 back from cadet camp. They are always so miserable to deal with when they get home from an adventure.


What do you do to change things up and keep the kids more productive and less cranky after an adventuresome weekend?

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Well we had fun but not our usual time. Apparently over the summer they were having major vandalism issues, so all outbuildings in teh provincial park are now locked up and you have to rent them for $63/day. We only wanted to be there for a little while and the people that had rented it for today had left and left it unlocked and the guy that had the key to open the padlock so it could be locked up properly was gone until 5 so they let us use the space for free. Unfortunately that gave us under 2 hours to use it which means we did not get as much school done as normal. We did go pond dipping after we cleared out though and the kids caught 2 snails and 4 minnows. We will be putting them back in the pond tomorrow when we go to town for dance. So it was a fun time but now we need to find a new "secret" place to hold classes when we don't want the distractions of home slowing us down.

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