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Can someone give me a simplified version of homeschooling in VA?

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James Bond has been given a slot at NGIC in VA for late next year, so it looks like we'll be moving there. Of course, with the army, nothing is definite until you have "boots on the ground." I've been looking up VA homeschool laws, but it's all gobbledy gook. Can someone please tell me what the requirements are in simple language? TIA!

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Very easy! I was nervous moving here two years ago, but it is easy. I actually like seeing the test results. Never thought I'd say that...


1) File affidavit -- there are online examples I followed, first year I included copy of my high school diploma.


2) Test ($25 for CAT-E), copy results, mail district.

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:iagree: with both of the above posts. There are different options under which you can homeschool, but the most popular seems to be to send in a copy of your high school diploma. My transcript was an accepted substitute--GEDs are not an acceptable substitute. The law changed last year from a vague "curriculum description" to just a list of the subjects being taught (or planned to teach).


Testing (or evaluation) once a year, results submitted to your district.


It's pretty easy. If you follow the law, you shouldn't have any problems.

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We just moved here too (to the same place you'll be at) and I agree that it's easy to homeschool here. I think we used my dh's high school diploma simply because it had already been scanned and was sitting on the hard drive. For the testing, the kids only need to be in the 23 percentile in a couple of subjects. And the list of subjects is simple.


This is a lovely area of Virginia. It's been nice to be here.

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Super-easy for us.

Send test results in by Aug 1, send notification of intent to homeschool by Aug 15.


Sample intent:


Dear Superintendent,


I intend to homeschool my son, James, who will be in 7th grade. He will be learning about science, math, English, French, history, and extreme rollerblading. Enclosed please find a copy of my high school diploma.


Thank you.



Mrs. Blah Blah

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