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The BEST site for healthy eating/meal plans!

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I just happened upon this: http://www.superhealthykids.com/ and am beside myself!!:party:I have been looking for a mealplan that actually has all 3 meals, plus snacks, that is healthy, easy, and most importantly, will appeal to both my dc and us. This is it!! I am doing the free trial right now, but am planning on joining. She also has tons of nutritional learning tools & lessons, and I have been doing them with my dc, so they are totally on board & excited. She also has color photo examples of tons of different meals using the "MyPlate" info.


I didn't have lunch planned today (since we don't "officially" start until tomorrow), and instead of going through all of our usual litanies of "What can I have", "I don't want that", etc.... I had my dd draw a picture of MyPlate on our whiteboard and plan her lunch out herself, then, she made it!:svengo: Joy, joy, joy!!!

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