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Apologia's General Science users: What helped or enhanced this course?


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I have used this for my first 2 sons, but my 3rd son is so ant's in his pants. I feel like I need to spice it up a bit. What helped or enhanced this textbook to make it more interesting for your child? I see there are audio cd's and journals that you can buy for this, but I wanted to hear from others if they've used them before I spend any more money. I can't switch to a different curriculum because of money. Thanks for any advice!;)

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I have the audio CDs, and use them for my dyslexic ds. There are a couple more kids I know use them who are poor readers.

Does your ds sit still when listening to audio? If so, that might help him stay concentrated. :)


There are several kinds of "CDs."

--One is the audio CD.

--One is the multi-media CD that has short video clips to be viewed now and then throughout the book. I have a couple of those. They're okay.

--Another is the Full Course CD-Rom (has the whole book to be read on the computer screen, PLUS the video clips from the multi-media CD.)


For more explanation and for other components that are available for Apologia, you can look here where I described each of them.


(Also on that blog are posts that tell what experiments we've done for Apologia.)


We don't really use the multi-media CD's much because several years ago, I had started looking online for videos to fill in and enhance for my own kids and 2 cousins. So I posted them on a blog so they could all view them at home...

Then more kids came to my "class" and my blog posts just grew.


Here is the link if you're interested.



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