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Hot Air Balloons photos

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As a military family, we have moved 16 times and have lived in the north, south, east, and west in the US, but we have never lived in the southwest before now. I am loving this area and one of the huge perks is getting to watch the colorful hot air balloons.


I have several posts and a ton of photos on my blog this week from one mass ascension day (500+ balloons lift in two waves) and tomorrow (Monday) I have am going to post photos from another mass ascension day with photos of the balloons flying directly over my house.


We have only been here a few months, but I'm still in awe of how beautiful this area is and how captivating it is to watch hot air balloons rise and fall as they float across the sky. During the past 9 days, we have bundled up and done some school on our front porch just so we could watch the balloons (sad, but true :D).

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Great pictures! It is our dream to go to New Mexico for the balloon rally some day. We have one in our town every year with about 20 balloons so I can only imagine how cool it would be to see 500! If you are still living there next year, you might look into helping to crew for a balloon. The balloonists who come to our town often need a hand and love to have the help of people who are really interested. We have crewed for a couple of years and where given the opportunity to fly in exchange for our help. If you think it is cool to watch it from the ground, you should try the view from the air.

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