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Prayers please.. we need this! (Personal and a little long)

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So.. this is going to get a little personal. I married my husband when I was 17. He had a job that made decent money (for us) and we bought our first house when I was 18. (Also we had dd by this time.) It was so easy.. we found a house we liked and we were moving in a couple weeks later. We had insanely perfect credit. Long story short.. we had our rough patch. (<-HUGE understatement;))

Dh was fired from his job.

We lost our house.

We seperated for 6 months.

I filed for divorce.


Thank GOD we were able to call off the divorce and work everything out. We reunited after 6 months of being split (this was in 09.) SO.. its been 3 years.. we are more in love than ever. Dh still has some money issues we are trying to work on. We are living with my mother and DYING to get out as quick as possible. Dh's current job is... a joke.


He has an opportunity for better employment. He takes the test for the job monday. PRAYERS PLEASE! Recently, I realized something. Instead of fighting tooth and nail for every dime and stressing when we come up short, instead of counting every day we are living in my mothers house.. instead of being resentful and depressed.. and feeling HOPELESS.. I will just simply enjoy my family & be thankful for the little that we have, while I wait on God to show us what his plan is for us.


Dh has always worked factory and he wants a solid career instead of "just a job." (He says.) I feel as if Ive found my calling.. being at home raising our children. This job he is trying for is still factory. However, it is better pay and like a minute from our home. I just feel like this would help us to pay off our debt (all medical bills on our credit.) Which would help us move. At the very least this could help us improve our lives while we try and figure out what career dh is meant to have to provide for us. I need to be patient but... its been 3 years :(


So.. pleaaaase pray that Dh gets this job if it is what God has planned for us.. if not then I pray his plan will be revealed... Soon;)


I just want my own home where I can love and live with my family:(

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Happy to pray for you here!:grouphug:


Thank you so much:001_smile:


I would like to add a few things.. Im not happy with the way my post sounds, lol.


Dh and I have nothing against factory work, its not that hes "above" it. Both of my parents have retired from DuPont, and my entire family basically. If he could get on there, or at a good paying factory/plant type job we would be ecstatic. His original "good paying job" was at a factory. He killed himself in overtime but was able to bring home around 800 a week. Which for us, is a ton of money. Now he makes around 400-600 every two weeks. Which isnt enough to pay rent or a mortgage, or pay off bills, or have a savings.. We just live in a very, very small town and there is not much available that pays good enough to support a family. By saying he wants something other than "just a job" he means something that he feels is rewarding for him. He feels he is just going through the motions at his current job. He would love to become a state trooper, or a deputy. (He wants to be able to help people. He is very caring.)


Sorry, I just didnt want to offend anyone with my original post. My mouth takes off and it takes a while for my mind to catch up:tongue_smilie:

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