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Exercise Thread ~ 10/14-10/20

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Having a LOUSY run with exercise. I have been sick for nearly 3 weeks now. Still I keep plugging away.


Working on my 2nd round of Pump!. Later on this month I am going to add on Brazil Butt Lift Master series. My bum is looking so sad these days.


I learned last week how NOT FUN it is to work out when you're sick. :grouphug: Hope you feel better soon!

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I'm back. I've had sick kids. All 3 of them. I did manage a couple workouts during this week but not much. Boys, even 11 yr olds, tend to want mommy holding them when they have fevers. :)


This morning I did Tracy Anderson. I did level 1 to ease back into working out, and I didn't struggle. I remember the first time I did that one and was cursing and in pain. :tongue_smilie:

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