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We have a lot going on. A LOT. 4 kids (including a toddler), 2 puppies, homeschooling, a self employed husband who works on straight commission, a small house, etc etc. I am stressed. There is just so much to do everyday when I get up that I am overwhelmed. The older kids help but there is just always a ton of stuff to do. I try to exercise but I work for DH a lot especially this time of year and I don't have the extra time right now. I do eat right-low carb, whole foods, etc.


I just don't feel like the happy upbeat person I used to be. I don't think I'm "depressed". I know my anxiety is a combination of exhaustion and circumstances. But I'm not handling this period of my life well. I LOVE fall and this time of year I usually just feel super happy. This year I'm just tired and cranky.


Any suggestions? I've thought about taking something for mood, etc but I'm nursing. I'd love some thoughts..

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If you're a walker, you might try getting outside (by yourself) and walking more. If you do decide to take something, look into Rescue Remedy. The Pastilles are great, and they're alcohol-free, too. I swear by them.


Good luck!


There is no "by myself" right now. Ever. Which is part of the reason for the stress. DH doesn't get home until after 8 and I don't feel comfortable walking in the dark. I used to love walking though. Having an 18mo I am finding it hard to have time to exercise period right now. Naps are meant for school and getting things done for DH's work.

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:grouphug: I so hear you, I often feel like it's all just too much and something's gotta give "or else."


I agree completely with epsom salts and omega 3. Also, vitamin C.


Actually, it's probably worth going to get some bloodwork done. Yes it's situational stress, but it's possible that it's being exacerbated by low vitamin D, or B vitamins, low iron... it could be so many things that it's definitely worth the trip to check it out.


In the meantime, what can you do for yourself that might help your mood? Does a 30m nap with the baby help? Would it be worth it to do 30m less of school to get your sanity back? Maybe it's playing calm music in the car, rather than what you usually listen to. Or perhaps it's lighting a candle with dinner, or fighting less with the kids, letting the kids watch tv while you cook, spending 2 hours a week away from the family, or cooking simpler meals... these are just ideas, but what I find is that there's usually one thing that's just totally become a drag and I dread it every single day (sometimes multiple times a day), or that I long, desperately, for a particular thing. In that case, it's only one thing to change and it might make a big difference to you.


All the best as you figure out the best solution for you. It's so hard to change when you're already feeling depleted, but you can do it!

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