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My garage sale find!

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I went to a garage sale today and I found:


these bugsw/these tongs these wands w/little magnets, Chunky puzzles, Dr Seuss Books, no spill paint cups, Madeline Board Game, cookie cutters (going to use for play doh), Quiet Book - it is missing pcs but ill have to make them, Peg Board w/pegs, Several carson dellosa workbooks.


She had even more than that but I could carry it all or buy anymore. :001_smile:

anyone else have an awesome find lately???

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Well done!


Yep, my best find recently was an Extra-Large double door dog crate that retails for $125 for $20 at Goodwill. It was dirty and rusty in a few spots but DH power washed it, sanded the rusty wire and painted it with some black Rustoleum and it looks brand new. I had been searching for one on Craigslist for my indoor rabbit for MONTHS but couldn't find one large and cheap enough.

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We went garage sale shopping this morning as well. I found a number of things to my liking--a pretty glass cake plate, two large flower pot-urn things, and a stack of very good children's books. My granddaughter will be blessed by those.


Very fun morning with my husband....now to find places for all the stuff we've aquired...maybe WE need to have a garage sale...:D

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Not a garage sale, but recently moved, and finally found a thrift store that sells used books...got loads (125 books:D) for around $65 including some for ancient rome, some classics and tons of reading books for the kids! Everyone there was amazed. I just said, well that should last the kids for a month!:lol:

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