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Dr. Hive, Female Question

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If I've used one day out of a 3 day OTC suppository yeast infection treatment, can I go to the doctor and switch to an oral medication like Diflucan at this point? My cycle started today and the directions on the yeast infection treatment said not to use tampons. I hate pads and didn't have any in the house so I am using tampons today.


I just don't want to go to the urgent care center and get charged the cost-share only to find out that I cannot switch to the oral medication mid-treatment.

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You should be able to. They do two different things. The creams tend to kill the existing yeast it comes in contact with while diflucan slows the growth of new fungi which doesn't kill the existing yeast. So, years ago when I was suffering from major yeast issues I took both for a while to help solve the problem.


Eventually I figured out it was a diet issue.

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