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Nobel Prize Winner was at the very bottom on his class in school

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Someone linked this story on the general board and I thought it worthy of posting here in case you missed it. At age 15, the man who was to become a nobel winning scientist ranked last in his science class out of 250 boys. His teacher commented that the future nobel prize winner would not listen and he insisted on doing things his own way. :lol: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/science-news/9594351/Sir-John-Gurdon-Nobel-Prize-winner-was-too-stupid-for-science-at-school.html

At the age of 15, Prof Sir John Gurdon ranked last out of the 250 boys in his Eton year group at biology, and was in the bottom set in every other science subject.


Sixty-four years later he has been recognised as one of the finest minds of his generation after being awarded the £750,000 annual prize, which he shares with Japanese stem cell researcher Shinya Yamanaka.


Speaking after learning of his award in London on Monday, Sir John revealed that his school report still sits above his desk at the Gurdon Institute in Cambridge, which is named in his honour. While it might be less than complimentary, noting that for him to study science at University would be a "sheer waste of time", Sir John said it is the only item he has ever framed. ...



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Thank you for this Merry gardens :). This sounds a lot like my oldest (always wanting to do things his own way ;)) and a science related field is what I see in his future, also.


ETA: Yikes, controversial field he chose though (cloning)!

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