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Is it hard to find Singapore standards texts used?


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I'm debating whether to drop Saxon mid-year and start my oldest with Singapore 3A and Beast Academy before we die of boredom with Saxon 5/4.


I'd really prefer to buy as much as possible used. Most people seem to recommend (including the SM website) that people go with the Standards editions, but I haven't seen many of the standards materials available used. We have a brick & mortar homeschool supply store in the area that sells U.S. edition materials so if I went with U.S., I could get the consumable books there when necessary. I guess I feel like I should go with standards, but U.S. would be more convenient. Have others found standard books fairly easily? What am I missing?

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I look on Craigslist often and have yet to see a used one. Everyone here is part of a charter, so they use the lending library.


I privately homeschool, so no lending library for me. Ha.


I even went to this HUGE, HUGE, HUGE used homeschool curriculum event where they have everything but Singapore. LOL.


I am actually finally ordering our curriculum tonight, because I gave up finding used stuff locally. Last year, we ended up writing in both the text and practice book too. I am assuming that is one reason why it could be hard to find used. I tossed last years stuff in the recycle bin.

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It is harder to find the standards editions used, but not impossible.


When you see what you want, you have to pm immediately and tell the seller you are ready to pay via Paypal.


When I buy new, I buy from this seller on ebay:




His shipping is much better than singaporemath.com, and he combines shipping. He has excellent customer service and answers e-mails quickly. If he does not have something in stock that you want, he will hold your order until he gets it in.


It looks like Linda in OR still has 4A and 4b HIGs available if you plan to buy ahead. That is what I do.....buy it as soon as I see it used. These are great prices she is listing, though most of it has already sold.


She also has Brain Maths by SM for sale. I recommend that book also.




When you do find them, it is usually due to someone making a curriculum change, so the condition is often very good to like new.


If you want to make the change, I would buy the new text and HIG from the seller on ebay to get started, the HIGs and Brain Maths from Linda, then keep an eye out for 3B and the 4A and 4B texts.


Hope that helps! :D

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The standards text is considered a consumable. My kids write in their textbook. It's like a wkbk. It is very inexpensive new.


We use Stds edition and buy majority of it used. We're moving on to 6 next year. We do NOT consider the text books consumable at our house. :001_smile:


I have found it harder to get the higher levels used (sorry, starting around 4 has been a bit tougher). Also, there is no HIG for 6, just a very $$ teacher guide - not sure if that is anything you want to consider.

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