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Gluten allergy and bed wetting? OMG!!

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So, I just started going towards gluten free this week (thanks all of you for the advice so far - I am all ears). So, my dd who is 7, started bed wetting about a year ago. Nothing worked for her. Nothing that is until (drum roll) this week. I started going gluten free, not 100% yet, because of the learning curve. She has been dry the last 2 nights. This is amazing. I started googling the possible connection between gluten and bed wetting and sure enough.

I am even more excited to continue with the gluten free diet. We are moving on Monday, YAY, so it will be much easier then. I have so much packed, so right now I am doing more convience foods that are gluten free (waffles, etc), but will plan on making a lot more from scratch once I move in.

Anyone else hear of this?

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Great news! There are so many symptoms that can show gluten intolerance it is really unbelievable. I know going gluten free has made a big difference in my health. Just yesterday I started my kids on a gluten free dairy free diet for a few weeks to see if some of their symptoms disappear. Best of luck on continued success!

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