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So I need some advice. Some of you have seen, I am sure, my whiny middle of the night posts (and not middle of the night too).


So DD2 with the lung issues has been sick for about 3 weeks. Starting with snotty, ick and a small fever. Quickly to coughing. She does a peak flow meter and it's been definitely lower but not awful.


But every night for like 8 nights we have been up with terrible coughing. She's thrown up and gasped and etc. Today we found out that a friend of hers that she hung out with three weeks ago has pertussis.


Help this mom of an asthma baby not freak out. (That's like all my posts lately. Sigh.) What should I ask the doctor?

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I wonder if a steroid shot would help? I'd ask the Dr about that first. My boys get croup a few times a yr with normal colds. After a 5 day hospitalization from an average cold gone wrong and closed off his throat, I take him in for a steroid shot before it ever gets that bad. I don't know if it would help with pertussis.

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Ask to get her tested so she can get abx if necessary.


Does she have a peak flow meter?


We bumped up our kids to advair so that the longer lasting albuterol gave us better control. We also did a round of prednisone. Both helped a lot. (my kids just had a nasty viral bug but it caused coughing to vomiting in my asthmatic kids.)

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I am sorry that I don't know anything about allergies but I do know about Pertussis. I would ask your doctor to just see what he says. It is really contagious and hard to treat. So, the sooner the better. I definitely am not trying to scare you or anything but it doesn't hurt to ask!


The year before last, my two little sons (3 and 7 months) and I first got pertussis. (My husband missed out!)We got it from my husband's brother who was around someone else who had it. Anyway, all three of us were current on our vaccinations but still got it. It is pretty miserable and I am so glad that it was caught right away before it got worse. In any case, it was a miserable 2 months. Eight months later my two sons caught it again from someone at church but it didn't last as long. (Thank goodness!)


Pertussis kind of has a distinctive coughing sound. My boys woke up with uncontrollable coughing and kind of a hoarse breathing sound in between coughs. The coughing spell lasted a long time and made it hard for them to breathe. Anyway, I really hope you don't have it! And I hope this helps!

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There are a lot of viruses going around right now causing bronchitis and pneumonia. I was wiped out for a good week with heavy duty drugs. I wouldn't rule out pertussis, but just thought I'd add that.


We had this at our house. It was terrible and the coughing was constant. Steroids and breathing treatments helped a lot.

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