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Should I be bothering with Miquon?


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DS is six and a half. Since he was five he's done Horizons K in part (I started skipping a lot of it before giving it up altogether), Math Mammoth 1 (accelerated through before deciding MM2 was not where we wanted to go), Life of Fred Elementary A-C, three quarters of The Verbal Math Lesson 1, accelerated through Spectrum Math 2, lots of sporadic living math and bits of Miquon now and then, never much into Orange, though.


I recently gave him one of the Singapore placement tests to get some idea of where he's at and he places well into 2A but I'm not going the Singapore route. Since he finished the Spectrum workbook I've been using what I have on hand which is regular time with The Verbal Math Lesson 1 (working on mental addition and subtraction skills with numbers under one hundred) and I pulled out Miquon Orange again since he never finished it. Is there still benefit for him in working through Miquon Orange and Red (the ones I have) at this point?

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Has he worked with fractions, length, multiplication and division? If not, you'll want to use Orange and Red to start from the beginning.


Thanks for the tip. He's worked with fractions and length but is only transitioning into multiplication and division (those signs and terms have not been introduced).

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