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Home from our Holy Land cruise!

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We're back! It was 2 weeks of fun! The ship was great and the ports were just amazing. I have over 800 photos on one camera and 200 on another. I'm working on putting them on facebook and when I'm done I'll put them on my blog and post links if anyone is interested. We went to:


Alexandria, Cairo and Giza, Egypt

Ashdod, Jerusalem and Bethlehem (Palestine), Israel

Kusadasi and Ephesus, Turkey ♥♥♥

Piraeus and Athens, Greece

Naples and Rome, Italy

Vatican City


My favorite port was Turkey. I absolutely fell in love with everything and everyone we came in contact with. Ephesus was absolutely amazing. There was so much to see it was almost mind boggling and only 10% of the city has been excavated. Indy was in archaeology heaven. His favorite port was of course Egypt. The look on his face when we got to Giza and the pyramids came into view was priceless. At the Step Pyramids in Saqqara, it was all I could do to keep him from running out an launching a full scale dig. :D He had brushes, a small chisel and mallet and a notebook in his bag and was ready to get to work.

Han Solo did really, really well, considering his nap schedule was totally messed up and there were days when the only sleep he got was on my lap on a bus. He enjoyed all the people and by the end of the cruise, I think every server and half the cabin attendants on the ship knew his name. The only thing he didn't like was getting on a camel at the Giza Plateau. He screamed bloody murder, but once we got up and started moving, he decided he liked it and started laughing and waving to the people around us.

I'm so tired though. I feel like I need a week off to recover. Indy said it was the best field trip ever. He's now been to 17 countries on 4 different continents. Han Solo has been to 8 countries on 4 continents and he's not even 2.

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I love Israel!! I can't wait to see those photos! Where in Jerusalem did you go? It would be so awesome if you visited a moshav called Yad Hashmona!!


We went into the Old City of Jerusalem. We were only there for the day, so with Bethlehem, that was about all we could fit in. We went in through the Dung Gate, down to the Wailing Wall, followed the Stations of the Cross and went to the Church of the Holy Sepluchre, down through the markets and out the Jaffa Gate. That place is a rabbit warren! I don't know how anyone finds their way around. We were there during a Jewish Holiday, which was really neat. There was a lot of odd things though, like the fact that there are separate entrances for men and women into the city (right next to each other) and separate entrances to the Wailing Wall. The people were so kind and friendly and the food sold in the markets, especially the breads and the fresh pomegranate juice (which they squeezed right in front of you), were delicious.

I'm still sorting photos. I have most of the stops on facebook, with just Naples/Pompeii, Rome and The Vatican, left to post and as soon as those are up, I'll put them on my blog and post links. Hopefully I'll have it done soon!

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