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Just a vent. Need sleep!

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I think my brain may turn to mush soon.


My two youngest have been making it a habit to wake up between 3 and 4am. Last night, they were up at 2.

I'd just ignore the 5yo, but the almost-2yo is potentially dangerous. He can take down baby gates (so stairs are an issue), he can uncrate the dogs (who are trained to "potty" when they're first let out), he's removed the child lock from our bottom freezer and is getting close to figuring out every other safety lock, he moves chairs to climb up tables and counters, outlet covers are a joke, and he has a fondness for "rearranging" bookshelves.


SOooo, I have been awake since 2, 3, and 4 most "mornings" for about 2 weeks now.


The 5yo doesn't nap, and the toddler is more miss than hit with naps. 5yo has been falling asleep btw 7 and 8, but the toddler will fall asleep anywhere between 6 and 9. I forced him to stay awake until 10 a few nights ago, and he was still up at 3.


I don't remember signing up for this! :tongue_smilie:

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