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It's official - she's coming home!!!

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My life just got nuts. :tongue_smilie:


BUT, after a 20 month "experiment" in Special Ed, my daughter is officially withdrawn from Middle School as of 9:30 this morning!!!




Which means, MUS Gamma starts back up and she can now learn WHY 6x2 and 4x3 both equal 12. SHe doesn't get it. How about, she was learning fractions and doesn't even know what division was?!?!


We are going to try FLVS for extended pace, with accommodations, Language and Reading. She really wants to do it (My oldest does it), her Dad would prefer it, so I'm hoping they make it work for her.


So, back to homeschooling I go.... as a full-time (online) Pharmacy Tech student myself with 5 classes this quarter.

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