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If you use essential oils...

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I love Clean House, Clean Planet by Karen Logan. It is about mixing your own oils and homemade cleaning supplies.


I use a little more bleach than her (for toilets, plus a 10% solution for the kitchen after raw chicken), she prefers borax for toilets and alternating peroxide and vinegar for the kitchen. In the winter I add vodka to her window cleaner to prevent streaking, but in general I LOVE all her advice.


Lavender and peppermint and grapefruit oil scented cleaning supplies make me happy.


I'm not sure if she mentions this or not, but tea tree oil is toxic to cats, and lavender oil is such a strong estrogen that natural lavender shampoo has made infant boys develop breasts, so beware those caveats.

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I would be cautious about where to buy such things. There are some companies that sell EOs that have a similar business plan to melaleuca. I would not recommend them because they charge very high prices.


You can purchase small quantities at a local health food store

this website has quite a few http://www.mountainroseherbs.com/

soapmaking supply places usually sell EOs


There are a lot of articles at http://essentialoils.org/ you just need to be registered to read them.

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One thing you need to be really careful about when buying essential oils at the health food store are synthetic additives. Most EOs available are perfume grade, which are great for smelling, but not for ingesting.


The way the FDA has set up labeling and regulations, many health food store oils can claim 100% pure or therapeutic because they contain a certain percentage of compounds, even if those compounds were synthesized in a lab to meet those requirements. It's a lot cheaper to synthesize the ingredients which is why they can sell them for so little. Be sure to read any warning or notes on the bottles because some may say pure or therapeutic, but on the back will warn you against applying topically or ingesting them.


ETA: Synthetic lavender has the estrogen issues. Pure lavender does not, and is known as the "swiss army knife" of essential oils, as is Frankincense.

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