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Best thing about Teaching Textbooks...


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My dd informed me today that the best thing about using TT was that there is only ONE problem on a page at a time.


Im sure this is not new info for you all but I had been having trouble putting my finger on what was making it work for her and that was it.



Before TT I was cutting up her math pages and even a half page would have her shutting down in tears. She could never explain why she was upset just that is was "too much" "too small" or "too hard". Even if she knew the work.


Not to mention it gets confusing if you get the half a page with out instructions;)



She is doing more problems in less amount of time with out tears, without an entire page of doodles and with out accidentally superimposing problems in her head.


Just my 2 cents:)

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Guest Bellaandmilly

Oh my goodness, Teaching Textbooks has totally changed things for my third grader as well! She is not an overly mathy kid so a page full of problems was about to kill her (and me!) I don't think it would have mattered if all the problems were simple 1+1 addition problems, just seeing a page of problems brought her to tears. I would even cross some off and it only helped a little. Now that we have Teaching Textbooks, she LOVES math!

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We are loving TT3 here. I like how it has picture puzzles and the bonus round game. I'm not sure at what level they stop having those little extras (I know at least in TT6 they don't have those). The picture puzzles have been a fun way to learn some new vocabulary too...like dagwood, stallion, foxhole, excaliber.... At first I thought that their choice or picture puzzle words was a bit odd....but now I'm just viewing them as a new vocabulary word to learn and talk about.

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