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Make them go AWAY!!!!!!!

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It was my turn to sleep in.


It was my turn to sleep in.


It was my turn to sleep the heck IN.


Where do people get such bright ideas as "just let him fuss," loud rattles, strumming large air vent grills like a guitar, and singing The Carol of the Bells as calming techniques on my morning to sleep in?!?!


Do you know how annoying the Carol of the Bells is when only one line of it is being sung, over and over and over and over, by a children's choir of one enthusiastic (as opposed to competent) singer?


So, at 8:15, dh leaves FussBoy in the living room (with Charming Big Brother still caroling those bells) and crawls back into my bed. I'm happy to report that dh is still in possession of all of his body parts, although it was very, very hard to remember why I might some day want to make use of any of them.


What was the consensus about adult beverages and coffee?

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I understand the feelings caused by listening to the endless renditions of various annoying songs as sung by "enthusiastic" young performers. My dd(4) loves to sing "Hush Little Baby, Don't You Cry" to her baby brother when he fusses. I want to cry after the 50th or 60th "verse". And about husbands climbing back into bed when there are upset babies around...my dh learned not to do that the first time my chronically cold feet found his back and pushed him out of the bed. Ahem.


By the way, now that I'm actually posting a little bit, I want to let you know how much I've enjoyed both your blog and posts over the years. Hope your morning gets better!

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Frustrating. I remember those baby days. The best technique for me was something over my eyes if there was any light in the room. Ear plugs inside of the ear covers my husband wears to protect his ears when he uses power tools. OR ear plugs, one ear on a pillow and a pillow over the other ear. That will cover the light issue as well. I would be oblivious to all.


Never tried the adult beverage before.

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