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Why does it take sooooo ling to find the good stuff?

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I just came across an insurance law called act 62. If i am reading correct, it gives me ABA services covered by insurance!


It says nothing about being limited when living in a crappy county, either.


I have more research to do, and if anyone is up for a project, please join me.


It looks like act 62 was passed exactly a year before we moved here (passed in 2009), and i just found it tonight! :glare: :D :banghead:

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I am having a hard time with something, and hopefully someone can help.


Does Act 62 apply to a child with autism, who only has medical assistance as their insurance?


http://www.ccbh.com/aboutus/ <---This is who all of our mental health services are through.








I think it does apply, but the biggest focus is medical assistance covering services after the $36,000 max for services.


I'm looking for the nearest ABA provider to see where we have to start. I have 2 medical providers that I know would help with that side of it. I just need to find more, and I don't know exactly what.

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