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Really interesting article in light of the recent thread re: breast cancer month.

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This article talks about how many women with late stage breast cancer are unhappy with the "Pinktober" issue.


Interesting given the recent thread here where many people stated the same unease with the path breast cancer awareness has taken.


I agree with the woman in the article. I had a (late) friend who was irritated by all the Pinktober articles in the local newspaper- all the focus on survivors was a little depressing for her, as a stage 4. We would joke about it- why not do an article on her- how she was living with the disease? The news makes people who don't know better think all cancers can be cured, you just have to fight it! Keep a positive attitude! It kind of makes people who lose the battle feel like, well, losers.


My late dh was diagnosed as stage 4 in a different cancer. He would scoff at women who found "a lump"... really? (he would ask to himself,) just one lump? His PET scan lit up like a Christmas tree. "One lump" would have been refreshing.


And yes, I know- it's scary to find a lump anywhere, but in comparison it didn't seem like much. Of course I will be horrified if I ever get breast cancer, as my mother died of the disease in her forties, but I think I'll stay away from all the pink.

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