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Logos Press Science for lower school? Has anyone used this? Comments?


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I have not used this but I am considering it. I am just a little scared to invest $100 and then not use it. I want something that is good for specimen identification as Dorothy Sayers recommends and this is the closest thing I've found besides maybe A Handbook of Nature Study, Fandex Field Guides (which don't have all the topics), and the color in field guides by Peterson (which also are not complete). The nice thing about the Logos Press books is that they are cheap and there are 9 of them which means I can do 3 per year in a 3 year cycle that kind of line up with our CC cyles.


Cycle 1: Fish, Plants, and Earth Science

Cycle 2: Birds, Mammals, Reptiles & Amphibians

Cycle 3: Anatomy and Bones, Eyes and Sight, Ears and Sound


This would not be our only science but would be for nature study. But again, I'm still up in the air on this....I already have plenty of great science resources and ideas but none of them cover nature study in terms of specimen identification. One down side is that these don't cover that many specimens but I still think they are helpful. I haven't given the fandex and peterson coloring guides very much of a chance yet so I am hesitant to chuck that before trying it a little more extensively. My plan was to do trees this summer. I may give it a try and then if it isn't working well I will try these....


I wish more people were familar with them....

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I purchased the whole Grammar of Science Series and though a couple of the workbooks seem to leave me a bit wanting, we're still going to use it alongside the J.H. Tiner series - Exploring Planet Earth, Medicine, and Biology, beginning in the fall with the Earth Science workbook.

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