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Why does my dog keep licking my arms and legs?

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Yes, it's probably the salt. You could try supplementing with a little salt given adlib. Just put a bit out in a small bowl, and see how much he takes. Pets are usually pretty good at only taking what they need of essential minerals.

I disagree with the above.

Most/many pets will over indulge which is why so many end up with health issues or surgeries to correct. If you are feeding a commercially prepared diet then i would check the sodium content of the food before ever adding to it!


It could be something as enjoying a taste of something on the skin as well as a behavioral issue. many dogs/cats will lick to show a sign of nausea but also nervous habits as well.

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Mmmm....tasty humans! We have a shih-tzu who does this too!


My Shih Tzu does it to me too. I read somewhere the licking releases endorphins, so maybe he's getting high? LOL :lol:


I've had lots of dogs and fostered a lot, and my Shih Tzu is the "lickingest" dog I've ever met! My brother's lab is a close second.

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