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Help me select lit for my 7th grader, please!

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I need help choosing literature for my 7th grader. We've abandoned the WTM way of doing lit, as in we are not following the time periods anymore. This is most likely his last year at home. I don't expect to cover a ton of books, but I'd like the ones we do to be really special. Up till now we've really stayed in the time period.


So far this year, we've read All Creatures Great and Small and Tom Sawyer.


I want to read a Jack London (but which one? White Fang or Call of the Wild?). He is interested in Adventures of Huckleberry Finn--I think this might be good too.


Also we are reading some poetry and short stories.


So....if it were your last year homeschooling your 12 year old boy, what would you like to have him read?? I'm having a mental block here...

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My DS enjoyed last year (7th grade):

Robionson Crusoe

Gulliver's Travels

To kill a Mockingbird

short stories by Jack London


this year:

Farenheit 451

Sherlock Holmes

currently Lord of the Rings


In the last year or two, ds enjoyed Tom Sawyer, Animal Farm, Lord of the Flies and The Giver. He is currently reading Sherlock Holmes.


He will also be reading this year:


The Hobbit (and possibly LOTR)

Fahrenheit 451

Around the World in 80 Days

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

To Kill a Mockingbird

Call of the Wild

Time Machine

Book Thief

The Magic of Reality

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