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Preschool once a month book swap anyone?

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My dd4 used to receive books in the mail through Dolly Parton's Imagination Library. Since she will be 5 this month she received her last book yesterday. Her little brother will still be receiving books so I know she will be dissapointed when there isn't one for her. So I thought it might be fun to swap books with other preschool families. I was thinking we could pair up and then each month buy a new book, let your little one pick it out, and then send it along with a letter/drawing from your child to their book swap pal. Does that make since? We can set a price limit and a date to send the books by. Pm me if you are interested with the age of your child, gender, and likes/dislikes.



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Maybe a gently-used-book swap? That way there's no net change in bookshelf volume. I've thought about doing that with older kid books.


(I can see that being problematic with kids not wanting to give up the books they actually like, though.)


This could be an option if the dc want to give up their books. ;)


I think it sounds fun and I have a DS that is 4, nearly 5 as well who would really enjoy it. BUT I think my 6yo would then be jealous because SHE wasn't getting books too. :/


Ah yes, the sibling dilemma. ;)


My idea was to purchase paperback books around $5. We could send a list of books to each other that our dc would enjoy, and or a list of things they like. We wouldn't always have to pick a book off the list.


I'm just throwing ideas out there, I'm open to suggestions.

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